Butler Health System | Health Link | Fall 2020

Ken DeFurio, President and CEO Exceeding your expectations How many times have you heard this: “2020, what a year!”? I think most of us have used that phrase with the hopes that the pandemic ends soon…and 2020 along with it. The good news is that the end is in sight. As I write this, COVID-19 cases are again on the rise. We are managing the situation carefully and diligently. We have learned much about this novel coronavirus—the therapies that work and those that do not—and while people continue to get sick, mortality rates are dropping. Importantly, there are promising vaccines that will soon be ready. We are working with state and federal officials so that we are ready for vac- cine distribution as soon as it is made available. I assure you that at Butler Health System, our focus has been and will continue to be on staff and patient safety. We have weathered storms before, and we will weather this one, unprecedented as it is. Let’s look ahead. What is on the horizon for BHS? While we look at the exciting activities ahead, we must take a look at some of what is happening right now. In this issue of HealthLink , you will read about the impact that technology is having on improving care. Our laboratory and diagnostic services are second to none, making accuracy, turnaround times and quality better than ever, anywhere. Telehealth is now widely available, and it is beginning to transform the ease and access to physicians and other health care providers. This focus on technology is in its infancy. We are challenging ourselves to deliver the best, community-based health care available, anywhere. That means a focus on convenience and timeliness. I have said to my team that we not only need to meet consumer needs, we must surpass them. We strive to actually surprise our custom- ers with service and being consumer-oriented. We will not sit idly by and watch technology pass us by. We are, quite literally, speaking with technology experts from across the world about how health care can and should be delivered as the 21st century continues to unfold. BHS also has the challenge—as do all health systems—of improving value in care. That means getting the most affordable care at the right location at the right time. Affordability of care has been a central issue to this country for some time, but this concern is deepening. At BHS, we intend to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We are rethinking all of our services in terms of value: highest quality at the lowest possible cost. In the health care industry, this is sometimes referred to as “population health.” Population health simply means keeping the healthiest people healthy. It also means that we know who is at highest risk—those with pre-existing conditions and multiple diseases—and we work to keep them at home and out of the hospital, avoiding what is by far the most expensive care setting. None of this is a small task, especially for a community-based, independent health system. We will do our part. And I ask that you do yours: Support Butler Health System. Use our doctors and providers for your care. Seek your lab and radiology tests at BHS. Tell your family and friends about your great experiences with BHS. Continue to support this successful organization. BHS provides great health care in our community and pro- vides more than 3,000 jobs and livelihoods. We are among the largest employers in western Pennsylvania. Yet we continue to be locally controlled and governed. This matters. Your health care choices matter. Support Butler Health System—so that we can continue to support you. Great care, close to home In December 2019, Clarion Hospital entered a new era by partner- ing with one of the largest remaining and highly repu- table independent, community-based health care systems in western Penn- sylvania. Now that we are nearly one year into our relationship with BHS, it is a great time to reflect on what we’ve started or accomplished so far: » Weathered an unprecedented pan- demic together » Invested in new technology and infrastructure » Positioned the hospitals for future success through strategic alignment and population health » Expanded access to specialty services across the service area » Reimagined the future of health care by investing in innovative care delivery models with a focus on lifestyle medicine Since Clarion Hospital is the second largest employer in Clarion County, I am acutely aware of our impact on the local economy (we employ over 450 people). At a time when smaller, rural hospitals are closing across the country at unprec- edented rates, we stand poised, with the backing of BHS, to grow and deepen our commitment to Clarion and the sur- rounding communities. Having worked in large, academic medical centers as well as small, com- munity hospitals, I know the unique ability of community hospitals to deliver great care close to home with a personal touch. Bigger does not always mean better! You have a choice in where you seek to receive your care. Butler Health System Clarion Hospital is your home- town provider, and we are working hard every day to ensure a bright and sustain- able future while improving the access, convenience and patient experience you expect from a community-based health care system. Now, more than ever, YOUR CHOICE MATTERS! Steven Davis, MBA, FACHE, Clarion Hospital President HEALTH LINK 2 | BHS NEWS Take your best shot at staying well: Walk-in flu shots available at all FasterCare Urgent Care locations: Butler Kittanning Sarver Slippery Rock Learn more at BHSFasterCare.org . FLU SEASON ALERT Influenza can be MISERABLE & DEADLY. Nearly EVERYONE 6 months or older should get a yearly flu vaccine. Vaccinate! Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. It takes 2 WEEKS for the flu vacvcine to be fully effective. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention